Monday, 9 December 2019

Italian Afternoon

Today, Year 3 and Year 4 were lucky enough to learn about the human and physical geography of Italy. They split into four separate groups and rotated through each activity during the course of the afternoon.
Children we given ingredients to design and make their own Italian style pizzas. These pizzas were calzone pizzas, which means they were made on tortilla wraps and then folded and baked.
Next, children learnt that Italy is split into separate areas; some for living, some for farming and some areas for international trade. Crops are farmed and then traded as food or drink to Europe. Children were then given the opportunity to taste some of these Italian foods, such as olives, grape juice, biscotti, garlic bread and panettone.
Using atlases, globes and Google Maps, children then located Italy’s geographical position in the world and then in Europe. They labelled nearby seas and continents. After locating Italy, children then had to pretend they were Romans and marked their route from the UK to Italy how many countries did they pass through on their route?
Finally, children used the internet to research the physical geography of Italy and discovered that it has hot, dry summers and cold wet winters. They also looked at the vegetation belts and biomes of Italy and recorded these for their topic books. As a final task for the day, they researched the names of the different rivers, mountains and volcanoes across the country.

Friday, 8 November 2019

What a wonderful week!

Our final morning has been just as fun and busy as all of the others. We did some street surfing, which is a bit like snowboarding/surfing/skateboarding, and completed a sensory trail and activities while blindfolded and communicating as a team. 
Our group leader Tirzah has told us how wonderful she thinks our children are and how much she’s loved working with them this week. The children are very sad to say goodbye to her. 
We have absolutely loved spending this week with the children, seeing them support, comfort and encourage each other has been a joy. They have all been amazing and achieved so much, while making wonderful memories along the way. Well done Year 6!