Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Mug Cake Madness!

It was mug cake mayhem on Tuesday in Year Five! We used this recipe: to cook our own mug cakes and although they tasted delicious, some of them didn't look as good as they tasted! We had lots of fun baking them :) It's a great recipe to use if you want to make a cake in a hurry!

Friday, 22 May 2020

Year 4 SCIENCE: How high can a rocket fly?

Aiden has filmed his rocket experiment and explained how to make a rocket fly high.

Year 4 SCIENCE: How do you make a boat float?

This is Aiden's experiment. He used materials like lego, card and paper. Even the heavier ones floated!

Olly did the experiment also and investigated how many coins he could balance on each boat.
The results were: Paper = 9 coins, Foil = 15 coins, cardboard = 15 coins, tissue = 0 coins and kitchen towel = 1 coin.

Jack also had lots of fun with the experiment and recorded his result in a table.

Kobi was just as creative with his boat experiment and also recorded the winning boat on video.

Meanwhile, Oscar's boat held 10 Lego figures before it finally sank. He loved adding flags to his boat. 

Esmai wrote up her boat experiment after predicting that her cardboard boat would win. 

Paper = 9 coins
Foil = 15 coins 
Cardboard = 15 coins 
Tissue = 0 
Kitchen Towel = 1 coin 

 HI used 4 things foil Lego card paper the heavier ones floated the best I got the word challenge before my mum  I used 4 things foil Lego card paper the heavier ones floated the best I got the word challenge before my mum 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Start the day with a smile!

Hello everyone! Thought I would post this funny joke so you can all start your day with a smile like we did! Thank you Daisy! Only 219 days to go....

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Story time in Year 1

Hugo has sent in this story to share with you all. It is a very funny story and made us laugh. Thank you Hugo!

Kings Copse Garden: Lily grows cress

Welcome back to Kings Copse Garden. Today, the fabulous Lily will be taking you on a step-by-step guide on how to crow cress. Get your containers ready!

Fantastic Year Fives!

I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing learning Year 5 have been doing - they are making me incredibly proud. Have a look at the photos to see just a snippet of what they've been up to! They've been building, baking, drawing, calculating, exercising, walking and lots more! Well done Year Five 👏