Monday, 9 February 2015


Year 1 have been the first class in school to take care of the chickens!

Every morning we have let them out of their house into the coop for the day.  We fed them some corn as treat.  As you can see they are getting very friendly and some of them even like to be stroked!

We then had to check that they have food and water for the day.  

The most exciting part was looking for eggs.  Every day we have been lucky enough to find at least one egg!  

As all the eggs look different, we have then looked at the posters to work out which chicken laid the eggs we found that day.  Amazingly we found Hazel's first ever egg.  It looks very different to the others as it is a light blue colour.  

We now have over 20 eggs and need to decide what we are going to make with them.  Add your ideas in the comments and we will take a vote in class.  

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