Sunday, 28 February 2016

Maths Parent Workshop

Following on from our successful visits to Year 2 and Year 4 during maths week, Year 3 were keen to continue their experience of being maths teachers.

As a class we focussed on different methods for addition and shared these with our peers in the classroom. The children were asked to have a go at teaching a classmate the methods they felt confident with and then finding someone who could help them practice a method they found tricky.

We invited parents in to see the different ways we solve problems. Maths methods have changed a lot since many parents were at school and this was a great opportunity to see how the children now solve problems and the methods and resources they use.

Many parents were introduced to dienes for the first time and discovered how the children use blank number lines and partitioning to solve 3 digit problems.

The children really enjoyed working together and loved sharing methods and vocabulary with those parents who were able to come in. I know the parents who did come in felt they learnt a lot from working with their children which is great.

We appreciate is it is not always easy for parents to be able to make it into school during the day so a big thank you to those parents who were able to make the session. 

If you were unable to come in, 
perhaps you could ask your child to explain some of the methods at home!

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  1. I enjoyed learning about number lines, dienes and number partitioning and working with Cayla in Maths, thank you.

    Cayla's Mum


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