Thursday, 8 December 2016

Listen 2 Me Christmas Concert

On Wednesday the family and friends of children in Years 2 and 4 were treated to a fantastic concert to showcase all of the songs they have learnt to play on the recorder.

They also sang some songs which help them to remember the correct hand positions when they play the recorder.

The children played a wonderful range of pieces, some were familiar to us and others were new tunes for us to enjoy.

There were even some beautiful solo performances. 

The concert ended with a brilliant rendition of Jingle Bells, played jointly by Years 2 and 4, to get us all into the Christmas spirit.  

We all left with huge smiles on our faces.

Well done to both year groups, you were all fabulous!  A huge thank you to Mrs Watling and all of the other adults involved for their hard work in helping the children to shine.

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