Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Terrific Teeth (and Terrifying Tongues) in Year 4!

In Year 4 we have been learning about our teeth and how to keep them healthy.  We realised that a big factor in keeping our teeth healthy was cleaning them properly so we decided to test how well we are cleaning our teeth.

First we investigated our toothpastes and explored the different claims they make and the main ingredients they contain. We tried to work out which toothpaste sounds like it is the most effective.

Next came the fun part!  We chewed disclosing tablets which contain vegetable dye to show up the areas of our teeth which have a buildup of plaque.  These are the areas that we have not been brushing effectively.  The red areas show new plaque and the blue areas show plaque which has been hanging around on our teeth for quite some time! We used mirrors to look carefully at our teeth.  This helped us to draw scientific diagrams of our investigation.

Our next job was to remove the dye from our teeth.  In order to test the most effective brushing method, we tested 4 different techniques in each quadrant of our mouths.  These were swirling, brushing up and down, brushing side-to-side on the outside of our teeth, and brushing the inside of our teeth.  As a class, we found that the most effective technique was swirling but some of us found different techniques worked best for us.  Why not have a go yourself and see which works best for you?

We also recorded the best length of time to make sure our teeth were brushed effectively making sure there were no more blue or red areas!  We found that it takes at least 2 minutes to make sure your teeth are brushed properly.  How long do you brush your teeth for?

Then we showed off our nice clean teeth.

Unfortunately, we found it may take a little bit longer to get the colour off of our tongues!

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