Friday, 3 March 2017

How the Library (NOT the Prince) Saved Rapunzel

We started the session by finding out why each other had chosen this book.   Lots of people liked the colourful illustrations and thought it looked fun.  Some people were interested to find out why the Prince didn't save Rapunzel as that is what normally happens.

We then spent the morning working on our reading journal pages.  These pages show our thoughts, feelings and ideas about the story.  We asked questions about what might happen and shared our predictions.

These are our thoughts:
'I really enjoyed it, it looked interesting and it was.  The fun bit was finding out if she was saved or not!' Izzie

'I like the book because the Prince didn't save Rapunzel but he gave her some a box of chocolates and some flowers.  But Rapunzel wanted to work in the Library.  She was very happy working in the Library.'  Holly

'I liked when the Prince came and gave Rapunzel the box of chocolates.  It was funny because Rapunzel told him to go away.  I thought the Prince looked ugly!'  Lily-Mae

'The Prince was ugly! Rapunzel didn't like him and told him to go away forever!  My best bit was where she got her job, she was really happy.'  Bella

'I think the Prince wasn't really a Prince because he didn't have a crown or a posh face.  He didn't have a box for a ring like they were going to get married.'  Imogen

'I didn't like the Prince because he looked stupid.  He had a beard and long hair that looked weird.' Leah

'I enjoyed writing my letter and sticking cats on it.  I put the cats on it because I think Rapunzel likes cats.'  Rubie

'I like the story because it makes me feel like I could do the same thing.'  Lorna

'I enjoyed the activities that we did because we thought about the book in different ways.  We could choose what to do and work independently.'  Ellie

'I thought of lots of questions to ask.  What does Rapunzel do with her hair?  What is the Princes' name?'  Phoebe

'I thought that Rapunzel wouldn't get to go down to the Library.  I was pleased that she did.  At the start I thought they would actually get the stuff to Rapunzel but they couldn't.'  Logan

'I thought the Prince was going to marry Rapunzel but in the story he didn't.  I was pleased that she didn't marry him.'  Lily

'I liked the story because I like Rapunzel but it wasn't the same.'  Amelia

Our Reading Journal Pages

We are very proud of our work!

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