Friday, 6 October 2017

Year 2 Trip to SEARCH museum - Gosport

Year 2 had a wonderful day visiting the SEARCH museum in Gosport today. Our day was split into a number of engaging educational activities. 

Children were able to explore a geology area of the museum and learn about dinosaur fossils. They were very excited to find a large woolly mammoth at the end of their tour.

Next, children visited a special 'May the toys be with you' area of the museum, where they found a large selection of toys that dated back to the 1970's from the original Star Wars movies. 

After a visit to the library, where children learnt about how a library can be used, they were able to take out a book of their choice, which can be returned to ANY Hampshire library within the month.

Lastly, after a much needed lunch break, children were able to play with toys, old and new, in a number of engaging adult-led activities. Our afternoon ended by looking at toys from different eras - 1897, 1967 and 2017.

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