Saturday, 20 January 2018

A variety of VIP activitites

The importance of learning independent living skills for children and young people with visual impairments can not be over-stated. They are part of the core curriculum.
As well as visits from our dedicated Habilitation officers, we also hold VIP club every week, where children are able to learn and to practise  these skills, as well as learning social skills and showcasing braille skills.
The following outlines some of the activities that have taken place over the past weeks.

Learning how to use low vision aids with one of our staff, (trained as an optometrist).

Learning how to make a sandwich!

 Learning how to do up zips and buttons, lock and unlock different locks, learn how to measure, use special scissors and be able to match objects to heat-raise pictures.

 Sharing our favourite books and show-casing braille

A visit from Thomas the guide dog! (Guide dogs for the blind Southampton)

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