Thursday, 22 March 2018

Snow Explorers

Snow Explorers

Have you ever explored the snow?
We have all made snow balls and snowmen recently or been sledging to the shop. But have you ever stopped to really look at the snow.

Luckily, Monday provided us with this opportunity.  As part of out Literacy, work we went outside and really looked at the snow.
We held it as long as we good.
We stroked icicles.
We felt the softness of each flake.

All in the name of being great authors! 

Our current Literacy topic is set in Antarctica so the recent inclement weather has provided the perfect opportunity to experience what the cold would be like for our characters.  

Using magnifying glasses, we studied the structure of the snow. We walked through it relentlessly listening for the crunch that some children described as a vibrating.  We even thought about survival techniques and how the icicles would be a perfect water source.


 ...and of course with Mrs Warland around there is always time for Science!  We placed a huge ball of snow on our draining board at 10:15am and studied it over the course of the day.  Many of the children were surprised to see that it lasted all day.  It even made the entire draining board cold!

It was fascinating to see how the ice began to melt from the bottom upwards.  Many of us expected to see the snowball shrink from the top.

At -4oC it was much colder than we initially thought. 

The final fall...

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