Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Giant Swing

Group 1 have been admiring the sunny view this morning from the giant swing. It was quite scary but everyone went really high! 


  1. Wow ... I want a go ! You guys are so lucky to be experiencing such fun activities. You can see for miles ! Great weather for it ... Did anyone loose their shoe, there's always 1, haha

    Oscar's mum

  2. Wow......did anyone have to conquer a fear of heights to have a go at this? Mrs Spurr

  3. Wish I was in your shoes this week!! Looks like your all having a fab time. Enjoy the last couple of days.

    Mrs Sampson

  4. I have had a fantastic time with PGL, I hope to see Jamie again. A massive thank you to Mr. Earle, Mrs.Trinder and Miss Halton. I will remember this forever.


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