Monday, 10 March 2014

Hello Osmington!

After a lovely, sunny and smooth journey, we've made it to Osmington Bay! 

Our groupie, Jamie, gave us a tour of the centre so we know where everything is. We then admired the fantastic view and played a few games so Jamie could get to know us. 

After all of that walking, it was definitely time for dinner! There was so much choice! Some people chose sausages and mash, some went for the Tikka Curry and a few went for the vegetable lattice. Very tasty!

 We're now getting ready for our evening activity: Wacky Races!!!!


  1. Awesome ... wow what a great view over the bay. Good to hear you all had a good trip, food is great and the kids know their way around. Have fun tomorrow ... hope you all get some sleep !! Haha no chance !

    Oscar's mum

  2. Glad to see you all arrived safely. It looks great and the views too! Look forward to seeing more pictures tomorrow.

    Mrs Sampson


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