Monday, 16 March 2015

Easter Eggstravaganza!

We've had some very special visitors today. Matt and Clara, from the Southampton City Mission, did lots of 'eggciting' activities with us about the Easter story.

He showed us a magic copy of the Bible that was blank. Suddenly, the pages came to life with pictures and colour and helped tell us the key parts of the story. 

He also had a set of magic eggs. Each of them contained something that related to the Easter story. One was a normal egg (to symbolise new life), one was empty (to symbolise the empty tomb), another egg was full of little people (to show the people who came to watch Jesus being crucified), another was full of strawberry jelly (to symbolise the blood of Jesus on the cross) and another egg was full of cake (to show Jesus' sweetness).

After we had listened, we worked in groups to act out the Easter story. We needed to make sure that we clearly showed the emotions of different people through our gestures and reactions. 

In the afternoon, we explored how Easter can be a time of contrasting emotions. Even though it is a sad time because Jesus died, many Christians see Easter as a happy time because they celebrate the fact that Jesus rose again from the dead. We made collages to show the different emotions that Christians may have at this time of year.

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