Monday, 9 March 2015

Hampshire Information Book Award

Year 4 have been given a very exciting task! They've been selected to take part in the Hampshire Information Book Award! Five books have been shortlisted and it will be our job to vote for the one that we think should win.

We had a close look at the books to see what they were like. Working in teams, we analysed each book to check its accuracy, its appeal, how clear the information was, whether it presented information in a different/original way and if it was easy to follow and understand.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at the texts even more before making our final judgement. Keep your eyes peeled to see which one we vote for! If you want to get any of the shortlisted books out of your local library, or buy them, the five texts are:

Journey Through the Solar System by Simon Abbott
The World of Infographics – Animal Kingdom by J Richards and E Simkins
Animal Lives - Lions by Sally Morgan
Body Works – Super Skeleton by Anna Claybourne
Discover More - Ancient Egypt by Penelope Arlon

Perhaps you might want to find other books in the same series to see how they compare to the competition entries.

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  1. What an exciting assignment, Year 4. All the books look really interesting. I think I will have to pay your class a visit to come and see for myself. Mrs Andrews


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