Sunday, 10 April 2016

Gardening Club

Before we broke up for Easter, Gardening Club planted 3 x potatoes in a bag for each year in the school.  The plan being that, as a school we will have a potato growing competition.  More details to follow, but your gardening club representatives are, for any year that needs advice/support:-

Year 2 rep....

Year 3 reps....

Year 4 reps....

and Year 5 reps...  
Our greenhouse panels and shed were blown out and over during the Easter Sunday storms! 

Resulting in some urgent repair, tidy and reorganisation.
All of which is now ready for the summer term.
Plus, our fruit cage is built...  just need to dig out the grass for raspberries and gooseberries.  We have a raised border for our strawberries - so lots to do during the next term.

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