Friday, 25 March 2016


On Tuesday 15th March, Year 3 and Year 4 visited Marwell to support our science topic on minibeasts and habitats as well as our literacy topic on monsters.

We had a fascinating time in the workshop learning how animals adapt to their habitats and how Marwell works hard to recreate these habitats for the animals in their care.

These rats like to climb and have somewhere up high to feel safe.
Can you spot the frog using camouflage to keep safe? 

The lady explained that customs have donated some animal skins that they have seized from hunters. Marwell has these so that we can learn more about these animals and why we must work hard to protect them in the wild

How do we know that this animal lived in a cold climate?
 We also met an amazing hissing cockroach and a snake, which all the children were very happy to touch!

We must have been very gentle and quiet as we didn't hear any hissing.

After our workshop we went out to explore the wide range of animals and plants that Marwell looks after. We saw some very small, well hidden insects as well as much larger animals.

 The tropical house was great for exploring plants and some tiny creatures in a very different habitat. We were surprised to learn that lots of these plants have many uses in cooking and other everyday products.

Of course Year 3 were very keen to say hello to Indeever, our class snow leopard, and luckily he was out and about. His camouflage did make him a little difficult to spot at times though! 

The children all behaved really well and did their best to make sure that the animals felt relaxed and happy to have us visiting them in their different habitats.

A huge thank you to all the parents who supported us on the day and made the trip possible.

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