Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Fair Success!

On Saturday, it was the Kings Copse Summer Fair! The week before, Year Six were busy preparing their stalls ready for the big day. They all came up with their own ideas for a stall, and considered how best to advertise it around school and on the day.

On Saturday, everyone arrived early to set up their stalls and before long, the customers had arrived!

It was great experience working with the customers, especially when having to give change from our money floats!

The shoot out stand - how many hoops can you shoot?

 SPLASH! Warning - you will get wet!
 This wheel of fortune game was a great way to win prizes! Could you match your numbers?
 The dog breed quiz - how well do you know your furry friends?
 Fancy some golf? This stand tested your putting skills.
It was lego mayhem at this stall! There were lots of different activities to test your lego building skills.

All the children participated brilliantly on the day, working well in their teams to make a profit!

The winners of the competition to see who could make the most profit were the Can Attack team! Well done girls -enjoy your meal at Frankie and Bennys!

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