Tuesday, 21 June 2016

We are Historians

On Wednesday, Year Five and Six visited the British Museum! It was a fantastic opportunity to see lots of the artefacts we had been learning about in class up close. Despite a long journey, the children were fantastic and it proved to be a fascinating visit!

The first area we explored was the Elgin Marbles. These were used to decorate the outside of The Parthenon in Ancient Greece. We studied the panels carefully to see how they told the story of Athena's birthday. We discovered that the Elgin Marbles were taken from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin and subsequently sold to the museum. 

Do you think they should be returned to Greece?

The architecture of the museum itself was also interesting - it felt as though we were standing by a real Greek temple!

 We also looked at the Nereid monument which is a sculptured tomb from South-West Turkey created in the Greek style.

 We also looked at various Greek artefacts and pottery. We discovered that there were lots of different shapes and sizes of pots and each was used for a different purpose. It was particularly interesting to look closely at the images to see what scenes and stories they depicted.

After we had finished looking at the artefacts, we wandered through Ancient Egypt to have a look at some of the mummies on display!

We then got back onto the coach ready to continue our 'London i-spy' quizzes on the journey back.

The children were brilliant throughout the day and should be very proud of the way they represented the school. A massive thanks to the parents who came to support the visit too!

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