Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wildern sustainable schools forum

Members of our school council and gardening club were invited to attend the first Wildern Sustainable Schools Forum on Thursday 14 July.
The Mayor of Eastleigh started the day by showing the alternative Eastleigh Mayoral chain, which is made from  recycled metals sourced from local manufacturers. 
There were a number of activities for the pupils to experience through the morning. We began with working with Southern Water.
Then Eastleigh Recycling.....
With hard hats and hi-via jackets....
The outside with the Hampshire and I of W wild lands trust and bug hunting....

Then back inside for a chat with Kool school uniform and Fair Trade....
To finish the morning.....Bikeit! Ray!

In the afternoon the children watched a Go Green Assembly film....
We then met the Eco-school coordinator for England and celebrated Wildern's Green flag award.
And finally Kings Copse gardening club, led by Nikki Short, explained how they were set up and all the fantastic work they have done in and around school.
All the children had a great day. Thanks to Wildren for hosting, in particular Chloe and Maisie who were our chaperones for the day. Also thanks to Giles Gooding for organising the forum.

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