Monday, 12 September 2016

Day One - Crabbing and Team Building

We have arrived! We reached our campsite at lunchtime and were greeted by sunshine and our fantastic bell tent village. After lunch, the kids couldn't wait to get into their tents and get set up!

 We then enjoyed a short stroll down to the beach where we had a go at crabbing in the afternoon sunshine. Everyone caught something - from crabs to fish to prawns! We then made our way back to camp for some free time.

We all then enjoyed lasagne for dinner before taking part in some team building games which were great fun. Day two here we come...!


  1. Great pics!! You're all going to have the most AMAZING week. Very jealous at the activities you're going to do. Love every minute of it, and have a great time!!

    Charley B's Dad

  2. Great photos, the weather and views look fantastic. What a huge crab! Ben's Mum

  3. Lovely photos! Sounds fantastic fun and the tents look brilliant. Can't wait to hear all about Day 2.

  4. looks fab. you are all going to have an amazing time building some fantastic memories

    melanie - ewans mum

  5. Looks like they are all having lots of seeing the photos Bethys mum

  6. I had so much fun and my best part was in the woods but mostly archery.
    thankyou for taking us!



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