Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rocket Seed Experiment - Update

Earlier this year Kings Copse Primary were lucky enough to take part in an 'out of this world' science experiment!

When Tim Peake blasted off to work on the International Space Station he took with him a number of rocket seeds. The experiment was to find out if being in space would affect the way the plants grow, leading to hopes that, in the future, astronauts would be able to grow their own food in space.

The seeds were sent back to Earth and, along with seeds that had not been in space, were given out to a number of schools and clubs to be planted. The growth of the seeds was carefully monitored and all the results were sent back to the RHS who used them to compile a report.

The results from Kings Copse Primary School will be included in this report, and the RHS were so impressed with the work from us that they asked to include the following picture in their report.

Year 3 compiling graphs to compare the growth of the seeds.

The RHS are meeting Tim Peake in the next few weeks to discuss the experiment. As a thank you, the RHS are compiling a photo book to be presented to Tim Peake to show him all the fantastic work that took place on Earth while he was in space. Kings Copse Primary were invited to submit up to three photos so, as well as the photo above, the following photos will be included.

Checking up on the seedlings in the greenhouse.
Gardening club did a great job planting the seeds and looking after them as they began to grow.

It is really exciting to think that Tim Peake will get to see how much we enjoyed being part of the experiment and all the hard work that all the children put in!

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