Monday, 3 October 2016

School Council Elections

 School Council Elections 

All of the children in Y1 – Y6 have visited the Kings Copse Polling Station to cast their votes for who they believe will make the best School Council representatives for this school year. 

This year we decided we wanted to make the experience of voting very life-like, so the children lined up, signed in with responsible officers, collected ballot papers, casted their votes and posted their ballot papers. The children have been really excited about this opportunity and really enjoyed their experience. 

The Y6 children were a brilliant help to the children in Y1 and Y2, helping them with the process of casting their votes. The result of the election is as follows
Year 1 Daisy and Martin 
Year 2 Faith and Andrew 
Year 3 Maddie and James 
Year 4 Charlotte and Rio 
Year 5 Izzy and Logan 
Year 6 Hazel and James 

It is a very important role, and they will begin by collecting views from their classes about things that work well in school and things we might want to make some adjustments to. 

I am very much looking forward to working together with them to make Kings Copse even better! Well done everyone who put themselves forward for election and congratulations to those of you who have been voted in!

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