Thursday, 1 June 2017

Enjoying the rain and shine!

Gardening club have been working really hard over the last few terms planting, weeding and watering and this is the time of year when we really start to see all our hard work pay off.

Of course we still need to take care of the plants and chickens over the half term and I was delighted to see how well everything was doing when I popped in yesterday. The plants have obviously enjoyed the mixture of rain and sun and everything is looking really good.


All the fruits in the fruit cage are doing really well and there have already been lots of strawberries ready for picking.

Delicious fresh strawberries!

Lots more strawberries will be ready to pick over the next few weeks.

The raspberries are doing really well but not ready to pick at the moment.

Blueberry bushes can only be watered with rainwater.

These blueberries should be ready to pick soon!

The vegetables in the raised beds are also growing fast. One of our main jobs last term was to protect them from being eaten by birds.

Our herb garden is doing really well too and smells lovely.

Of course everything needed a good watering.

The chickens have been enjoying the sunshine too!

Enjoying a stroll on the grass (and a nibble!)

The chickens need to be kept off the vegetables too!

One of our projects for next term is to replace these tired looking pots that are outside the KS2 classrooms. 

 Gardening club voted to replace them with some wooden pots which have now been ordered and are hopefully on their way. The club will then get busy replanting the flowers as well as adding some new plants so they can look beautiful once more. 
We will post photos of the new pots once they have been finished.

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