Thursday, 29 June 2017

Visit from Astro Physicists Dr Nicolas Bonne, (VI) and Dr Jenny Pollack

Year 5 spent an interesting afternoon last Wednesday meeting two Astro Physicists from the University of Portsmouth.
Dr Nicolas Bonne, who is visually impaired, along with Dr Jenny Pollack, are working on a project to introduce Astronomy to children and young people with visual impairments.
They spent time watching how our children interact and are included in  science lessons, and spoke to some of our children with visual impairments about the planets.
They aim to create 3D models with audio of the planets, and hope to roll their ideas into secondary schools and key stage 2 at primary school in the not too distant future.
We are delighted that Kings Copse primary will be one of the first schools to use their ideas.

Of course Raffles Nicolas' guide dog was the star of the show!

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