Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Longdown Dairy Farm

Wow, what a day we have had in Year R today!

We started off on a quick coach journey, the singing was loud and the children excited.

When we arrived we met Emily who was our guide for the day, she told us about what we were going to do.  We started with a drink, toilet break and hand washing!! Then the fun started.

Chicks first ... Emily took a special helper to get them.  He carried them carefully in a bucket, they didn't mind as being huddled together kept them warm.

Then we all had a turn to hold them.

Then we washed our hands for the second time!  After that the big goats.

Third hand wash.  Then baby goats.

We had to feed them small groups at a time or they would have been following all of us!

Then, guess what?  We washed our hands again!  Next stop was eggs.

Most of them made it to the shop!

Then ... hand washing once again!

We then went on a little walk around the farm and saw the farm cat.

Some pigs and piglets.

 Some calves.

Followed by handwashing!

Then some more pigs with some very young piglets.

We then fed the pigs.

 washed our hands and then went on a tractor ride, which was very exciting.

Then after a final hand wash and a check under the germinator that they were clean. A picnic followed by a play in the park.

We finished our day with a trip to see the rabbits and guinea pigs.

Then home, somewhat tired and sleepy.

What a wonderful day we have had.  Thank you year R for being so fantastic.

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