Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Year 5 Camp
written by year 5

During year 5 camp we split up into groups for the afternoon and took part in four activities: den building, wildlife exploration, pond dipping and tent decorations.

Den Building

One of the first afternoon activities was den building. After finding a suitable place to build our dens, we then gathered our supplies. We had only 30 minutes to build our dens before it was tested to see if it was waterproof by pouring water over the roof.

Wildlife Exploration

We then explored the school grounds and wildlife area to find natural materials. We created an art collage (in the style of Andy Goldsworthy) with the pieces we found and made different patterns with the rocks, leaves, sticks and flowers.

Pond Dipping

During this time, we investigated the pond and surrounding areas for creatures. We used the nets to pond dip; we caught newts, tadpoles pond skaters and leeches. We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look!

Tent Building

Next, we constructed our tents. We had to work together as a team to ensure our tent was constructed correctly and we had to be careful not to poke anyone with the tent rods. Eventually our tents were up and we were able to decorate them with our tent flags (emblems) and bunting which we created earlier in the day. 


It was exhausting work constructing tents, so next we stopped for dinner (burgers and hotdogs). We needed the energy for the next afternoon/evening events.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt was a great team building activity. The fun (but tricky) part was navigating the school grounds searching for objects whilst having to all hold on to a hoop and not let go at any point!

Here were some of the creations we made from the objects (sometimes rubbish) found around the school grounds. One group found a lone sock!


This particular activity required lots of love and care, for each other and the trees across the grounds! 

Smelly Cocktails

We each were given cups with coloured water in, our task was to explore the grounds for 'smelly' plants. Some children decided to create 'nice' cocktails, others decided to make 'disgusting' smelling cocktails.

Here are some of our lovely, and not so lovely creations. After a toast, we threw our cocktails over our shoulders!

'Year 5's Got Talent' 

After many exciting activities during the day we then settled in the hall where we performed for 'Year 5's Got Talent'. We had 10 acts, including singing, dancing, stand up comedy, ballet, martial arts, football and an unusual, but exhilarating magic light show!

After the talent show it started to get dark, so we changed into our pajamas ready for our hot chocolate and story. After, we retreated to our luxury tents and off to sleep...well, sort of!


Looking a bit tired but happy the children emerge!


The year 5 camp was a success, we discovered many interesting facts about our friends that we didn't know before, ranging from special talents to snoring and talking in their sleep. 

We had lots of fun and were completely exhausted by the end of it. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos, love Year 5. 


  1. Thanks for the photos the camp looked fun and challenging.

  2. Brilliant photos. Looks like fun. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for making this possible x
    Vicki (Kyle's mum)


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