Monday, 5 November 2018

Autumn Day

We had a great day outdoors last week as part of our seasonal learning topic. The children were all fully prepared with their autumn clothes and very keen to explore the school grounds.

First we tried to find as many signs of autumn as we could. 
Straight away we noticed it was chilly, wet and a bit muddy!

Even the chickens joined in!

We found some fungus which was growing under some trees. Fungus likes to grow in autumn because it is damp and it is nice and dark under the trees. We were very excited to see it growing in our school but very careful not to touch any we found.

We found lots of leaves that had fallen from the trees and noticed all the different shades from green, yellow, orange and brown to bright red.

Next we went on a bug hunt in our nature area to find out what else lives in our school grounds.


We found some very interesting bugs!

In the afternoon we decided to make some art pictures using the autumn items all around us.
We were able to make some beautiful pictures.

We had an amazing day outside and are very keen to continue using our wonderful grounds to help us with our learning.

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