Thursday, 1 November 2018

Thursday afternoon and D I S C O

 Final full day at Osmington! There have been lots of amazing achievements this week - everyone has been so resilient and lots of challenges have been overcome. We have had so many positive comments from the PGL staff about how wonderful the children have been - we are very proud of them all.!


  1. Great photos, thankyou for the daily updates! Love seeing their happy faces and hearing how brilliant the children are :-)
    Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.
    Amy's mum

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a double dib dab.....yummy. Such a shame Miss Halton didn’t have a bedroom and had to sleep in the corridor, although she looks happy enough. Really looking forward to having you all back at Kings Copse Year 6. We’ve missed you all. Xxx

  3. It all looks amazing!
    Wonderful to see you all having such a great time.
    We've missed you, can't wait to see you all this afternoon.

  4. More lovely photos, thank you so much for all the updates. Looks like it's been so much fun x

  5. Oh my, that giant swing 🙈


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