Friday, 20 May 2016

Our Trip to Hilliers  20 May 2016

We left school at 9.30 and travelled to Hilliers on the coach, it was a looonnnggg journey!

When we got there Ruth met us at the entrance, she looked after us all day and made our day very special.  She showed us where to put our things and made us feel at home while we had our snack.


Our first activity was looking at the shapes of different leaves, we had to think of as many words as we could to describe them.  Then we had to find the tree that had the leaves on it that matched out describing words.

Next we felt the trunks of some of the trees around us.  This one was spongy, Ruth explained how it was cork.

This one was smooth, it was a Eucalyptus tree and all the rough bark had peeled off.

Then we went for a walk to the big pond.  We went through the bamboo,

past the pond where we stopped to look at the fish, we made estimations of how many fish we could see!

 Along the wooden trail, avoiding the muddy bog.

 Over the wobbly bridge,

 then through the jungle path.

We stopped to listen in the bamboo, when we were still it was very peaceful, when we shook the bamboo canes it sounded like wind and rain.

Our last session of the morning was pond dipping, we scooped lots of interesting creatures.

 We had a rest at lunch time, eating our sandwiches in the classroom, then we had a play outside.

After lunch we carried on working.

We started by looking at the acorn sculptures, we were able to feel them, there were also some sculptures of acorn seeds.  Ruth explained how the seeds had a 'wing' to help it travel.

We then played a game called 'meet a tree'.  We worked with a partner, one of us was blind folded, our partner led us to a tree.  We then felt the tree and hugged it,  Our partner led us away and took the blindfold off.  We had to find the tree we had been feeling.

 After that we played a quiet listening game, we had to be completely quiet for 10 seconds, then tell all the things that we had heard, they ranged from the wind blowing the trees, children scruffing the grass, traffic, aeroplanes and even an ambulance siren!

Lastly we went to the sensory garden, where lots of smelly herbs grow.  We were able to pick small pieces of different leaves to put on to our caterpillar.  There were so many smells some were nice and some were "yucky"!

We then went back to collect our belongings, and travelled back on the coach, some of us fell asleep!

As you can see we have had a really busy but fun day and may be a little tired.

Well done Year R you have all been amazing and Kings Copse are very proud of you.

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