Monday, 2 May 2016

 Summer term has started and everyone in gardening club have been busy.  Jobs include...

(I know... cabbages shouldn't be in that border!)
Planting garlic in the allium border.
Moving plants around for the new herb garden
The continuous chopping up of fruit from the school, adding it to the composter and turning it, remembering NO citrus!!
Our fruit cage is ready for planting up, we have already planted strawberries in the raised part.

But we have more to sow and plant...
The greenhouse needs to be filled with tomato and cucumber plants.  (Thank you to everyone who bought tomato plants last week, current total raised for the club is £42.00)
The chickens need weekly cleaning, feeding and hugging.

We have regular visitors while we work...

Meet our resident slow worm.

Each classes potatoes are growing well, but who will have grown the most potatoes by the end of term?

And the space rocket seeds have been labelled and planted

We are now recording when they; germinate and
grow their first 'true' leaves

And as the weather improves (we hope), we'll be busy watering!

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