Sunday, 26 November 2017

Autumn In-reach

Autumn in-reach
A great time was had by all at our Autumn In-reach! The children took part in a variety of activities, including an autumn 'feely' table, where children had to guess the objects, describing how the objects smelt and felt.
 They then moved to the poetry table, where they used their descriptions of the autumnal objects to help them to write or braille autumnal poems.
 From this activity they moved to the music session, where they were able to recreate their autumnal poems using the instruments, setting their music to a beautiful  song created by Janet Hunt, (VI LSA) and her son.
They also had the chance to make mobiles using autumnal objects.
As usual, we were lucky to have Jenny Collins from Open Sight, Sue Lee, Donna Irving and Libby Mitchell  from the VI advisory team attending, as well as parents, teaching assistants and teachers from a variety of schools who came to support their children and pupils.
A big thank you also to the PTA, who gave of their time to provide drinks and snacks for both children and adults.

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