Monday, 13 November 2017

Be Bright,Be Seen.

On Friday 10th November our Junior Road Safety Officers led a school assembly to tell us all about the importance of being bright and seen on dark mornings and evenings.

They shared a really clear and important message for us all.  They compared dark, light and reflective clothing, encouraging the rest of the children to identify which is best to be visible on the road.

All the children then spent the afternoon session working collaboratively on follow up activities.

In year R the children created bright prints.

Key Stage one created bright letters to form the key message of the day.

 Key stage two worked across classes and got to choose from a variety of activities,

Making posters

Designing clothes

and making adverts and songs

And they all looked fantastic in their bright clothes, even the teachers joined in!

Well done Kings Copse, great collaboration!  

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