Sunday, 5 November 2017

Blind Football!

Today our children with visual impairments and their friends, were able to try out a new sport, blind football within VIP club.
Two coaches from the Saints Foundation, Rob and Leo, came to instruct the children, and us, on how to play this exciting game.
The session was a real success, with children learning ball skills, such as passing the ball and ball control when dribbling, as well as developing their listening skills as they had to follow the sound of the bells in their footballs.
The children gained in confidence, as the session was delivered at their pace and they had time and space to develop their skills.
They also had the opportunity to work in teams and to make friendship bonds within the group.
Unfortunately, one of the stars of the show was absent today. Ben Tall in year 3, is doing so well at blind football, that he has been selected to go for special trials with the foundation. Well done Ben!

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