Thursday, 23 November 2017


What a great day we have had today.  We were lucky to have Anna from Zoolab in see us.

Anna bought in some mini-beasts that we got to look at closely and to hold some of them.

First we met Tiny the snail, we found out that he has 10,000 teeth on his tongue!

Then there was Philippe the hissing cochroach. Anna told us that Phillippe likes to eat pizza, cake, fish and chips and also paper and glue!  He has three super powers.  ONE he is very fast and can run through fire.  TWO he would survive in the freezer for three years and  THREE he can live without his head!

After the excitement of Phillippe we met Buttercup the baby tarantula.  She had hair all over her body, eight legs and eight eyes.  She sucks her food up through a straw like feature in her mouth.

Then came the giant millipede Todd, he has 240 legs.  When he is scared he rolls up in to a ball, digs into the ground and makes a smell!

Finally we met Charlie, he is not a mini-beast but a snake.  Charlie is a corn snake,  corn snakes usually live in cornfields.  He only eats meat and likes mice.  He squeezes his food and swallows it whole!

Thank you so much Anna you were so friendly and helpful and informative.  We really enjoyed meeting your 'friends'.

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