Thursday, 3 March 2016

NSPCC Big Work Out

This week we took part in the NSPCC BIG Work Out!

The idea was to have fun while challenging ourselves to complete different sporting activities.

The children worked together to see how many burpees (ask you child!), skips, step ups and bean bags in a bucket they could complete in one minute.

The totals were added up and the winning school team in each section was awarded 10 points. School council are busy collecting up all the results and the winning team will be announced soon!

All the children who took part did really well. The activities were quite tiring and one minute suddenly seemed quite a long time. Apologies for some of the photos being a bit blurry but they were moving very fast!

Of course we were also trying to raise awareness for the NSPCC and some money to support all the work they do with children.

If you have managed to collect any sponsorship please bring it into school by Friday 11th March.

Thank you.

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