Friday, 25 March 2016

Thank you

We had a very successful Fairtrade fortnight at Kings Copse Primary.

Our 'Bring a Fairtrade snack to school' day was very popular and it was lovely to see such a variety of Fairtrade products in the playground. Our Fairtrade committee members were on hand to give out stickers to all those who could show the Fairtrade logo on their snack.

We also launched our 90kg Rice Challenge. Buying 90 bags of rice would mean we would have raised enough money to help a farmer send their child to school for a whole year. In one week we sold an incredible 55 bags of rice! Many schools have set the challenge to last a year so the fact that we sold over half in one week is amazing. We will be continuing to sell bags of rice through the office and again at the summer fair so we can reach our target of 90.

Classes also took part in a wide variety of activities to raise awareness of Fairtrade issues across the school. These included chocolate tasting in KS1, banana maths in Year 6 and a breakfast bar challenge using only Fairtrade ingredients in Year 3. 

Our breakfast plate challenge was won by Lucy in Year 4 and Jenson in Year 2. Congratulations to them and we hope you enjoy your Fairtrade chocolate egg prizes!

There has been a real buzz around school and it is great to hear so many children talking about Fairtrade and thinking about the choices we can all make to support the farmers.

Thank you to all the children and parents who have supported our Fairtrade activities. A big thank you also to the Fairtrade committee who worked so hard, and with such enthusiasm, to make the fortnight a success.

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