Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Think Safe

On Thursday, we took part in a Think Safe event which taught us how to be good junior citizens. We heard from different people about different ways to keep safe - have a look on the website to see some of the ways you can be keeping safe! 

 Eastleigh Borough council spoke to us about how to stay safe when approaching dogs in public places.  

 We built on our work with the PCSOs when we learnt about 'stranger dangers.'  After speaking with the PCSO, we understood how important it is not to go anywhere with people we don't know.

The Hampshire fire and rescue service taught us some important lessons about fires in the home. We even had a go at calling the fire service to report a fire! We were also taught about fire alarms and how important they are in protecting us in our homes.

The RNLI discussed with us how to keep safe on the beach and what to do if we find ourselves in trouble. We also learnt what to do if we see someone else struggling at sea or on the beach.

From the trading standards institute we learnt all about how to check if items are genuine or not using the labels. We also learnt about 'use-by' and 'sell-by' dates and how to check the food we have is safe to eat.

Another activity we took part in was a handwashing activity - we were shocked to see how many germs were on our hands under a UV light! We were given a special foam to put on our hands before shaking hands with people - we could then see the germs under the UV light. After we had washed our hands we expected the germs to go, but it was surprising how many we could still see! We soon realised how important it is to wash our hands thoroughly.

We also participated in a First Aid activity where we learnt some basic skills such as the recovery position, helping in a safe environment and raising the alarm if we need.

Overall, we learnt some really helpful skills throughout the day. If you would like to know more, have a look on the website! Think safe website:  http://www.juniorcitizen.org.uk/kids/ 

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