Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rice Challenge!

The Fairtrade group have really enjoyed being able to continue with our Rice Challenge this week.


For those new to Kings Copse Primary (and for those who may need reminding), we started the JTS Rice Challenge last year.

 The challenge…

90kg of rice = 1 year of education

JTS (reg. charity) has challenged schools to sell
90kg of rice – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer to pay for a years basic secondary education for one child.

As of today we have sold an incredible 84 bags which means we only have 6 left to sell!

We will be outside the main entrance after school on Friday selling the last few bags so if you haven’t got yours yet remember to bring your £3 and grab yourself a bag whilst stocks last! It is for a great cause and is very tasty too!

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has already bought a bag and have helped us to make a difference. Also thank you to all the children who have helped run the stall this week. They have shown great determination and enthusiasm (as well as some good selling skills!).

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