Monday, 14 November 2016

Science Week Round Up

Science Week 2016

Wow! What a week!

The whole school have been incredibly busy working as scientists for a range of exciting and engaging experiments.  There has been crazy custard, salt dough electricity, hover balloons, paddle boats and many more! Hopefully you have had the chance to look at the blogs from last week, which show the range of investigations from across the school.

The week was rounded up with a whole school challenge whereby the children were split into house teams and challenged to build the tallest tower out of only spaghetti and marshmallows.

The winning tower was built by the following children from Oak - Lucas and Thomas (Year 2), Max (Year 3), Emily (Year 5) and Ace (Year 6) constructed the tallest tower measuring a staggering 77cm.
Well done Oak! 
You gain an extra point towards the half termly award.

It was lovely to see so many parents join us on Friday afternoon to celebrate the children's work.  There was a real buzz in the building with children sharing their experiments and explaining to various parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles how the variety of investigations worked.

Thank you for joining us in sharing the week and leaving such positive comments about what was seen.

What an amazing week you’ve all had.  I loved finding out all about your rather exciting experiments.  Well done everybody.

Lovely to hear all about the experiments.  The children were very excited to share their findings. Great fun had by all.

Lizzie thought Science week was really fun and amazing.  She thought the best thing was the acid test.  A  great way to get the children interested in Science.

Fantastic subject, wonderful activities! So much fun for the children to use investigation skills.  Lovely to be able to come into school to see what the children have been doing and to come and share with them.

Lovely to be able to come in and have the children showing us talking about what they have been doing.  There has been lots of talk about it each day at home too! They want to try some at home!

I was very impressed at the number of different experiments.  My favourites were the disc hovercraft and the floating bottles.  It was really interesting to learn that a round bottle couldn't be used as it would roll.  This wasn't something I’d ever thought about.  Charley has clearly had a great week of learning. The excitement on his face was lovely to see.

I was very impressed by the range of Science activities on display in Year 5.  It was lovely how all the children (not just my own) were happy to explain the projects and the Science behind each one. Top marks!

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