Friday, 4 November 2016

Year 1 Football Fever

This week Year 1 braved the cooler weather and got warmed up by trying out some football skills. 

Our specialist PE coach will be teaching us this term, all the skills needed to play football. We started this week with dribbling.

The children began by keeping the ball close to them and under control whilst moving forward in a straight line. They then tried dribbling side to side between the cones.

Mr Rowland was very impressed with how hard the children worked and the level of their ball control.

Next we learnt a little bit about defenders and how it is their job to stop the ball getting passed them. Some children wore bibs and they became our defenders. They had to try and touch the ball with their foot as the dribblers came past them.

Year 1 definitely had football fever by the end as they didn't want the lesson to stop!

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  1. Wow they do look like they are having fun.


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