Friday, 11 November 2016

Seasonal Science


Seasonal Science work in year 2

We had a great time working out how shadows changed when we moved the light source around.  Most of the children noticed that the shadow was stronger in colour and wider when the light source was close, and lighter and thinner when far away.  We will be coming back to this later in the year to make links to the Summer sun and the Winter sun differences.

Don't forget this weekend(Sunday  night) is a SuperMoon which will be the best one for some time...since 1948 and it won't happen as close again until 2034.

Acid in liquids test

The children investigated which liquids were the most acid.  We used filter paper soaked in red cabbage which once dried will indicate red/pink for acid.

We then made links to the acid in drinks which may damage our teeth and how it's best to drink water after sweets, fruit and sugary drinks.

Afterwards we put dirty pennies into different liquids to find the best for cleaning.  Some came out very shiny and one wasn't clean at all.  See if your child can remember which liquid was the best.

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