Thursday, 3 November 2016

We are scientists

This term, Year Six are investigating the properties and changes of materials. On Wednesday, we were given a question:

How can we affect the rate at which a solute dissolves in a solvent to become a solution?

First, we had to find out what a solute, solvent and solution were.

Once we knew this, we could start to think about how we might investigate our question. We all took our investigations in different ways and asked different questions such as:
  • How does the quantity of solute (e.g. water) affect the rate of dissolving?
  • Does the order in which you mix the solute and solvent have an effect?
  • What about the temperature of the solvent?
  • Should we mix the solute and solvent or not?

We drew what we were doing using diagrams and then recorded what we observed.

We also observed what happened when different types of sugar were used. 

We learnt that sometimes mixed substances react to make a new substance. We also learnt that heating can sometimes cause materials to change permanently. 

Why not have a go at recreating some of our investigations at home! What will you find out?

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