Monday, 7 November 2016

Year 2 Seasonal Walk

Year 2 started Science week with a seasonal walk to Manor Farm Country Park.  
As we walked, we looked for the many different signs of Autumn.  The first thing we noticed was the wind - it was rather chilly! 

We found lots of signs of Autumn, including berries, seeds, leaves, sticks and fungus!



 We measured the water in the two streams that we saw.  There wasn't very much at the moment.  When we come again we will look to see how it changes.

We saw some trees that had been chopped down. We learnt how you can tell how old a tree is - by counting the rings.  It is amazing to think that the little trees we saw today will grow into a tree this big!

When we reached the field, we made trees using the sticks and leaves that we had collected so far.

 We looked at the view across the trees.  Not only were there beautiful colours to see but you couldn't see any buildings!

We came across a pond.  This pond was not your usual sort of pond though..... we could walk on it!  This pond has dried out, which is great for the amphibians that love to live there but not so good for any fish.  When we walk again, we will look at the pond and see if it changes during the seasons.

As we walked, we enjoyed making collections that we took back to school.  We then looked at them more closely.  

Thank you to all the parents who joined us on our walk, your support is greatly appreciated.  A special thank you to Mrs Hewitt and Manor Farm Country Park for leading the walk and pointing out so many interesting things.

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