Monday, 28 April 2014

World War I

It's the centenary of World War I and Year 6 have been busy finding out about life in the trenches. We used a range of sources to find out more, including....

Silent war film footage - we imagined what sounds there might be if the film had a soundtrack. 

Letters to families - we thought about how we would have felt if we had received the letters during the war. 

Photographs - what might the soldiers be saying in the image? Does their body language give us any clues?

Research - we found out about many yucky things, including rats and Trench Foot!

How would you have felt being a soldier in the trenches?
We spent friday designing and making Poppies for a county project supporting the commemoration of the beginning of the first World War.  Here's a few of the ones made by year 3.

In the next couple of months the poppies will be added to many others made by children and displayed at Romsey Abbey or Andover theatre Lights.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Poppy Day

We had lots of fun experimenting with different artistic methods to make poppies for Poppy Day. The class experimented with lots do techniques including sewing, sculpture and collage.

Look at some of the fantastic designs that we created!

Poppy Day!

Today, Kings Copse School was red! We all took part in an art project making poppies to commemorate World War One. 

First, Years Five and Six discussed the causes of WW1, and why poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance. We then used lots of different techniques to create poppies made from a range of materials. It was a challenge, and we needed a lot of perseverance - especially when it came to sewing! As you can see, we all had some imaginative and creative ideas about how best to use the materials to create a poppy. Our poppies will be included in a large art installation at Romsey Abbey, so make sure you go and see if you can spot yours!

Which one is your favourite?

Poppy Day

We had lots of fun in year one today making poppies! We did this as part of a World War 1 commemoration project and talked about the significance of the poppy. The children's poppies will be displayed at Romsey Abbey and Andover lights theatre in July.

Some children chose to sew.

Some used felt tips.

The children did some collaging with lots of colourful papers!

Some stuck on some decorations to their poppies.

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Our new topic in year one this half term is growing. We have started looking at the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in literacy and have talked about how the beanstalk grew.  The children have planted their own bean plants today and will be caring for their plants and observing them as they grow!

What do we need to give our bean plants to make sure they grow?