Thursday, 30 March 2017

Year R class assembly

Today we performed our class assembly to the whole school and our grown ups.

We were sharing some of our learning that we have been doing, mainly about People who help us and time.

Wow what a performance Year R you were amazing!

All children used their big voices to deliver their lines clearly and their amazing singing and acting skills.

Here are some photo's.

Well done Year R!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bike it Ray came in to visit us today.  He told us all about safe cycling and how to look after our bikes.

We know that we need to wear helmets, look carefully where we are going and listen to instructions.  

Here are some photo's of his visit.

Thank you Bike it Ray!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

People Who help us

Last week we were very lucky to have the Lollipop Lady in to visit us.  She talked about her uniform and told how she helped people cross the road.  Then we played crossing the road safely T a zebra crossing using a lollipop.

Yesterday we had our local PSCO in to visit us  PSCO Chris Rutter and PC Robin Tebb

They told us all about their uniform and equipment that they needed to help keep us safe.

Then we worked in two groups.  One group went to see the Police van, we looked inside, saw the flashing lights and heard the siren ... It was very noisy!

The other group tried on some uniforms and helmets.

We swapped so everyone had a go at everything.

Thank you so much Robin and Chris, we had a fantastic time.