Monday, 26 October 2015

Book Week!

We had a fantastic time during Book Week in Year 5. Lots of different things were going on over the week.

Here's just a small selection of the things that went on....

We went on a visit to Hedge End library. We had the chance to have a story read to us by the librarian and she talked to us about how we could join. We also had the chance to browse the books they had so we could come back and borrow some of the super reads that we had spotted!

We've also been busy doing lots of different activities as part of The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award. We had six titles to explore over the week....

We've taken part in lots of different lessons that are based around different themes in each of the texts  which have included..... drama, poetry, painting, creating maps, debates, codebreaking and writing case reports and missing adverts.

After a lot of deliberation, we have chosen Hermelin by Mini Grey as out winner!

We also had a super visit from a storyteller who retold the tale of the Madhatter's Tea Party. Lots of us were involved in the story too!

We turned our door into a book cover! We helped with the artwork to create The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

On Friday, we also dressed up as our favourite book characters. Click on each of the pictures to have a closer look. Can you work out which character we are from the book we are holding?

Friday, 23 October 2015

Year 3 become book characters!

What a fabulous end to book week we've had! 

Thank you for your support in turning your lovely children into book characters for the day- they all looked amazing!

Who would have guessed these boys
would have chosen to be football characters?
The Incredible Hulk!
Beautiful princesses
Too sweet and gentle to be witches!
Getting into character!
Luckily no spells were cast today

Survival expert Bear Grylls visited us
Fantastic Mr Fox!
Hey Buzz... where's Woody?!
Evil.... I don't think so!
David Walliams characters- Billionaire Boy
and Ben from Gangsa Granny
Luckily for Mrs Phillips there was
another teacher in year 3 today - Miss Honey!
Thankfully these boys didn't act
like Horrid Henry today!
How to be a cat!
Romeo oh Romeo... what a beautiful Juliet
Ye ha!.... where's your horse hiding?
My little Pony!
Even the adults joined in!
 Have a great half term- keep up the reading!

Let Battle Commence!

Romans Vs Iceni
After making our banners and studying historical evidence, Year 4 were ready for war.
We marched steadily to the battle field.

We lined up on our battle lines.

The Iceni prepared to face the Roman army.

We made sure we swapped sides so all of us got a chance to be on the winning side.

We had great fun re-enacting the battle and thinking about how we felt.  Surprisingly, we felt different depending on which side we were on.