Monday, 30 November 2015

Being creative with cams!

This week, we will be creating our own moving time machines! Before we start to make our machines, we've been looking at different cam mechanisms to see how they work and what the different parts are called. You can explore how the shape of the cam affects the movement below...

We then used cardboard, split pins and straw to make our own simple cam. We tested it to see if it worked and to see which movement it created. We discovered that rounded corners and gradual slopes worked best!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Meet Zak, the Search and Rescue dog!

As part of our Junior PCSO training, Year Six were lucky enough to meet Zak this week! Zak, who is a search and resuce dog, demonstrated how quickly he can find a missing person. It was incredible to watch!
First, we learned about all the different scenarios that search and rescue dogs would be used in.

When Zak isn't wearing his harness, he is in 'play mode' and therefore just a normal pet dog.

However, when Zak's harness is attached, he focuses and is now in 'work' mode.

GO! Zak sprinted off to find the nearest human scent.

Amazingly, he quickly found Emma, our PCSO, who was hidden deep within the bushes!

After we met Zak, we had the opportunitiy to learn about (and try on!) different parts of the Police and PCSO uniform

Some of us looked very professional with all of the gear on!

Some of the hats were slightly too big...


Finally, here is a very official looking policeman pointing out the charter we have agreed to follow as Junior PCSOs!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

History Detectives

To start our new history topic, we became detectives. We borrowed some artefacts from Winchester Museum Services and we had to decide which period of history they were from and put them in a timeline. We used some of our knowledge from previous topics and clues on the artefacts.

Some of the artefacts were from the Prehistoric period. One piece was 400,000 years old!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Trip to the SEARCH museum Gosport

We had a great morning in year one today visiting the SEARCH Museum! The children found out about toys children would have played with in the past and how they are different to the toys they play with today. They also found out what it would of been like to be a child at Christmas time in the past.

The children were shown some photographs and toys from the Victorian era to today. They were shown how these fit onto a timeline from past to present.

Hopscotch and space hopper activities.

Dressing up game.

The children explored 'feely' bags with old toys in them, including a jack in the box and a kaleidoscope.

The children sorted old and new toys and talked about the differences between them.

The children had great fun dressing up for a Christmas party!

They drew some of the old toys, looking carefully at them.