Friday, 27 September 2013

Making Castles

We had a great morning making castles!
The children worked really well in their teams and worked together to create their castles.
Next week we will add the finishing touches. 




Exciting times in Early Years!!!!

We thought we would share with you some fantastic work we have been doing with the children this week.

Last week the children had been playing ‘monster hunting’, linked to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

So this week we decided to build on this interest. We found a basket outside our classroom with a letter and some healthy fruits and vegetables. In small groups we looked at and talked about the contents of the basket. Where did it come from? Who was the letter from?

The letter came from a group of friendly monsters that had been using our woods as a picnic area. They were very happy as the woods were so clean and tidy that they had left us some presents to say ‘thank you’. After reciting the words to We’re Going on a Monster Hunt, we went to look for clues that the monsters may have left (these included pink fur, feathers, sticks and stones, and of course the PRSESENTS!!!!)

Later on we opened the presents and made ‘thank you cards’ for the monsters which we will leave out for them!

The language that the children were using and then recreating monster hunting and card making on their own was amazing!!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

In year three we explored magnets and found out about the push(repel) and pull(attract) forces.
We then tried to find magnetic and non-magnetic materials and objects in the classroom.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


We've just received urgent news - it's been reported that the Titanic is sinking and that many people need to be rescued!  Information is slowly coming in to tell us about what has happened. Acting as radio reporters, we needed to scan for the key evidence and information to use in our wireless news report. We looked at a range of primary sources such as radio messages, sketches, eye-witness reports and the ships log to find out the true story. Using our notepads, we've been making lists of all the key details.

We also managed watch a cinema newsreel that showed us what the Titanic looked like just before it sailed. We also managed to see survivors on the Carpathia. Whilst we watched, we made more notes in our notebooks to help gather potential information for our reports.

Here's some of the other sources of evidence we used to collect our ideas. What did you find out that was really important? Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our radio news reports appearing here soon!


Year R Start School 2013

Our new children have had a wonderful start to their school life at Kings Copse Primary School.
We have spent some time getting to know each other and the new school environment.

They have been exploring and sharing the equipment and toys that we have in school to help them with their learning.

Here are some of the pictures of them getting to know one another and having fun along the way!!!!!




Over the next two weeks, year one will be looking at the Elmer
stories in literacy.  This is linked in with our new topic 'Colour and Light'.

Lucy made this lovely Elmer from play-doh.

We had fun in year one this afternoon making patchwork prints with foam brushes and paint!