Saturday, 22 July 2017

End of Year Party

We were talking about the year that we had had in year R and all the things we had achieved.  We asked the children how they would like to celebrate.  They decided they would like a party. 

We went on to discuss what we needed to do to organise a party. 

We spent all week writing invitations and making presents, creating decorations, baking cakes, making fruit kebabs and getting ready.  The children decided they would like it to be a fancy dress party. By Friday morning they were very excited!

Here are some photos of the event, I think you will see the children had a great time.

We played 'Hunt for Charlie Chimp'

Duck, duck, goose

Pass the Charlie Chimp

 We then had a dance

And had some party food

We finished by having a musical drumming session, Miss Barreto bought in her big drum for us to have a go on.

 By the end we were very tired and ready for a restful weekend!