Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Year 3 - Superhero Gymnastics!

As part of our work on superheroes, we have been looking at the different stretches and curls that a superhero needs to do to climb buildings and to get over, around or under obstacles.

Using the apparatus, we have been investigating travelling using different stretches. We needed to think about straight arms and legs and making our stretch as long as possible.

Here are some of the stretches we thought of. Which ones do you think are the best? Why? You can click on each picture to make it larger.

Year 3 - Roaming like robots!

We have become computer coders in Year 3! We worked in pairs to act as robots and programmers. Our robot would not move unless it was provided with a written code to tell it how to move. We needed to use commands to guide the robot around the course. If the robot made a mistake, we needed to change or 'debug' or code to make sure they took the correct amount of steps and turned the correct direction.

We used FD, BK, LT and RT as a short commands for forwards, backwards, left and back.

We needed to look at our code carefully - can you spot what needs changing in this code?

The course had lots of turns so we needed to write several commands to reach the destination accurately.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Day Four - Kayaking and Raft Building

After a hearty breakfast, we got prepared for our day of watersports. We took part in kayaking and raft builing during our day at Swanage beach. The children were fantastic in supporting their peers and overcoming challenges during kayaking - there were lots of smiling faces! It was also brilliant to see the children working cooperatively during raft building and (nearly) all rafts made it into the water! 

We have had a fantastic week and have been really impressed by the resilience and attitudes of the children. They have been consistently praised by all Land and Wave staff as being a fantastic group of kids and we couldn't agree more! 

Day Three - A Day in the Forest

Well - what a wonderful day we've had! After a breakfast of bacon butties, we hopped into the minibus to go to the woods. Throughout the day we enjoyed three different activities: fire lighting, campfire cooking and archery. 

Campfire Cooking
Our instructor, Jason, demonstrated how to make simple bread using only flour and water. We then all made our own dough (who needs the Bake Off?) before deciding what topping or filling to have. Jason then showed us how to cook it on the fire until it was ready to eat. Delicious! 

Fire lighting 
Emma showed us how to start a small fire using cotton wool and different varieties of wood. We then enjoyed making s'mores (and getting them around our faces!). 

Joe, the instructor who has been with us all week, showed us how to become archers! It was great fun and we loved taking part in different competitions!

We ended the day with a walk down to the beach in the late afternoon sunshine. We had great fun taking part in sandcastle competition to see who could make the best sand alligator! Afterwards, we played different beach games whilst watching the sun go down. Then it was back to camp for a story and a well deserved sleep!