Friday, 29 June 2018


Year 3 and 4 got invited to a handball tournament on the 26th June 2018. It was really fun to represent the school and it was a great honour to do it. All the children had lots of fun and participated brilliantly.

“It was lots fun!”

“I  extremely enjoyed the tournament!” 

"I loved it!"
There were two matches and we came joint second with Bursledon!

written by two of the handball players

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Carnival summer in-reach!

Everybody had great fun at our VI summer in-reach!
Take a look at all of our exciting activities

Parachute games!

 Directional games

 Making popcorn and candy floss!

 Playing board games. Learning how to take turns

Making music!
Copying rhythms

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Park and Ride relaunch

Park and Ride relaunch
On Friday 8 June we welcomed
Mr Baskerville Oldface and Basil Bird
to Kings Copse Primary School.

This opportunity was arranged by Hampshire Travel Team to remind us of the importance of healthy, sustainable and safe travel.

We are very fortunate to have the Norman Rodaway Pavillion car park to leave our cars at to walk our children down the road to and from school.  Therefore keeping the number of cars stopping in the roads near the school to a minimum.  This not only is a healthier way to start the day but reduces congestion considerably both for ourselves and our neighbours, making for safer travel for us all.

On Friday we met at Norman Rodaway Pavillion and walked down to school together to meet Basil Bird.

 Well done to everyone who took part.    Please, please, please use this way of getting to school as much as possible!

However the fun didn't stop there!  Mr Baskerville Oldface (after touring the school) went on to put on a wonderful performance to firstly KS1/YrR and then KS2.  He gave a very exciting interactive performance all about British Values.  Children were all included and in some cases performed themselves - to a very high standard.

We travelled in a time machine to 1200 years ago when the King Council was established in Winchester.

King John "All you stuff belongs to me, I will have it all".

Sir John "This is not fair, I will stop the King".
After a fight King John gave up.  Sir John got him to sign the Magna Carter.

We then travelled on our time machine to 100 years ago to learn about Edith Garrud who taught self defence classes to young Suffragettes with her husband William. They used a combination of ju-jitsu and stick fighting.

Edith "Everything needs to be fair, women need equal rights!"
Policeman "If you don't stop, we will fight you."

 KS2 learnt 'The W'Archie!'

 Another travel in the time machine led us to learn about a Spitfire engineer was called Reginald Mitchell and was born in Southampton.  He turned the metal from old baths into Spitfire planes.

Mr Baskerville Oldface gave us clear examples of British values.

"British values are laws, freedom and democracy knitted together in working together."
"Respect, kindness and helpfulness."